Tally Essentials 3

Tally Essentials 3 ( Duration 22 Hours In 11 Sessions)

  • 01Goods and Service Tax(GST) - (6 hours)
    E-Way Bill , GST in TallyPrime, E-Way Reports, Generating e-Invoice in TallyPrime, Quarterly Return Monthly Payment Scheme, Composition Dealer under GST Regime, Shortcut Keys, Practice Exercises
  • 02Tax Deducted at Source(TDS) -(4 hours)
    Basic Concepts of TDS, TDS Process, TDS in TallyPrime, Statutory Masters, Configuration of TDS at Different levels, Recording TDS compliant Transactions in TallyPrime, TDS Exceptions, TDS Payment to Department, TDS Report, Changes in TDS rates from 1st April 2021, Shortcut keys, Practice Exercises
  • 03Management of Business Data -(6 hours)
    Exporting of data in available formats, Exporting of data in available formats, Export and Import of Data, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Printing of Company logo on Vouchers, Invoices and Reports, Shortcut Keys, Practice Exercises
  • 04Moving to the Next financial Year -(4 hours)
    Changing Current Period and continue voucher entry in the same company data, Company data handling through Export and Import of data, Split Company Data, Create a new company and maintain books of accounts for the new financial year, creating Group company Data, Comparative Final Accounts Reports of Two Companies, Shortcut keys, Practice Exercises
  • 05Business Case Study