Tally Essentials 2

Tally Essentials 2 ( Duration 34 Hours In 17 Sessions)

  • 01Storage and Classification of Inventory - (4 hours)
    Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Inventory Masters, Tracking of Movements of Goods in Batches/Lots, Price Levels and Price Lists
  • 02Accounts Receivable and Payable Management -(4 hours)
    Accounts Payable and Receivable, Maintain Bill-wise Entry, Specifying of Credit Limit for Parties, Splitting of Credit Sale into Multiple Bills, Payment Performance of Debtors, Bills Payable and Receivable Reports in TallyPrime
  • 03Purchase and Sales Order Management -(8 hours)
    Purchase order Processing, Sale Order Processing, Order Outstandings, Reorder Level, Godown Transfer in TallyPrime
  • 04Tracking Additional Costs of Purchase -(2 hours)
    Configuration of Additional Cost of Purchases in TallyPrime
  • 05Cost/Profit Centres Management -(4 hours)
    Cost Centre and Cost Categories, Cost Centre Reports
  • 06Budgets and Scenarios -(4 hours)
    Creation of Budget, Recording Transactions, Display Budgets and Variances Reports for Group Budget, Scenario Management
  • 07Generating & Printing Reports -(2 hours)
    On the Fly Reporting, Inventory Reports, Financial Reports, Books & Registers, Printing of Invoice and Report
  • 08Goods and Services Tax(GST) -(6 hours)
    GST in TallyPrime, Hierarchy of Calculating Tax in Transactions, Recording GST Compliant Transactions, E-Waybill Report in Tally, Input Tax Credit Set Off against Liability, GST Tax Payment, Filing GST Returns in TallyPrime
  • 09Business Case Study